5 Reasons to Put the Video Games Down and Join a Martial Art

Many parents want the best their children; they are worried about their vulnerability. Cyberbullying and other violent habits are taking kids’ innocence away. I won’t blame you if you are concerned because I know how it feels as a parent.

In a recent Primus Telecommunications survey conducted by Leger, it says parents are worried about Cyberbullying. Today, parents have more things to worry about including alcohol, teen pregnancy, drug use, violent acts and much more scary things.

The easy way to get caught in these scary situations is through video games! Yes, kids go online most times looking for other kids they can play games with, and as a result, other silly things happen.

But does it have to be so bad? Giving the economic and social situation most parents have to face daily, shouldn’t there be a way to relief parents of their worries; something real, something of value to engage kids?

If you fear your child might get caught in activities that may threaten their wellbeing, the best way to allay your fear is get your kids engaged in worthwhile activities that builds confidence, like taking martial arts classes.

If you are reading this, especially if you live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I am going to show you five reasons your child needs to put down the video games and go for a martial arts class today. That way, you will be building your kid essential confidence to become the right person you ever wanted.

Here is how:

1. Building self-Discipline: Martial arts teach self-discipline as its focal tenet. It does not matter who you are if you lack self-discipline life can be miserable. To have your kid learn self-discipline guarantees he or she will grow to become a respected person in their community and succeed in all endeavors. Children with a martial arts upbringing are continually reminded of the importance of self-discipline in all they do.

2. Building self-esteem: Self-esteem, like self-discipline, is an essential ingredient for a life of personal conviction and not a copy-cat lifestyle. From their ages, martial arts trainees understand they have to get things meritoriously. They know that getting each Karate Belt moves them to the next stage of their training, and it requires self-esteem to achieve. Martial arts teach them how to do it; no wonder it is hard getting martial arts trainees bending to peer pressure!

3. Building kids to Set and Achieve Goals: The Core value of martial arts training is based on goal accomplishment; this is what the Belts colors represent! For a kid to wear the Belt, they must set their target until achieved. It is a thing of pride and achieving it makes them proud.

4. Building kids on mental stability: There is the old saying in Karate world that “Karate is only 25% physical and 75% mental”, this says exactly who the martial arts kids are. They are mentally alert and can stand up to anything. They neither give in to bullies nor get intimidated on their goals in life.

5. Building all vital areas of life: Martial arts build confidence and give your kid the tonic of boldness. It teaches them survival skills in the dynamic world. It teaches the importance of respect as the basis for living and surviving in a social community.

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