5 Tips to Build Self-Confidence in Children

Self-confidence is the power to believe in oneself, personal conviction that you are capable of doing or accomplishing a given task, function or things without fail. It is a feeling of self-worth, inner power to remain bold and resolute to move forward in your mission, in the face of environmental challenges.


Building self-confidence in children

As parents, you should learn to build your kids to be self-dependent if you want the best for them. You need to prepare them to stand for themselves in the family, at school, among peers, and in the community. To help you start, below are five essential tips, on helping your children build self-confidence.

  1. It starts from home, learn to step back and make them count

Proper upbringing for your child starts right at home, with you. As parents, there is the tendency for you to take responsibility for everything so your baby will not get hurt. However, there are times when need to allow your child to take responsibility and let them learn from mistakes and self-correction. You do not have to scold, use love and parental guidance to point out the right way, but let them be the one to figure it out and take the glory.


  1. Encourage them to mix with other children of purpose

Joining kids’ club, such as Leadership Program would prepare them for a long journey of life as they interact with other children of their age who are also learning to stand for themselves. Such club would build in them the character of independence, self-worth and confidence to stand firm and make tough decisions about life. There, they would mix with other kids, challenge and be challenged in a mutually respecting atmosphere.


  1. Allow them to find and pursue their interest

Similarly, let them join other children in following their interest, like swimming and dancing or singing. I had my kid enrolled in the Martial Arts club when he showed interest. I was happy I did because it was not difficult for him to fit into primary school and was never a subject of bullying, which was then, the situation in most schools; I did not recall any such incidence. Whenever you notice, them having challenges pursuing their interest and feeling like dumping it, do encourage them to keep moving, letting them know they have to complete whatever they started to be a real achiever in life.


  1. Help your kid to attend summer camp

It is time to expose them further and test their dexterity and ability to cope in real life situation, by encouraging them to attend a summer camp, where various activities hold. They would learn how to trust and depend on themself in the midst of other children.


  1. Enter a family event and make her participate

The family event is a great way to see your child in the midst of other families and see how they can cope. It would present the opportunity to drive home some hard lessons in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


Build your self-confidence as parents

As it is for kids, so it is for parents. While your child is learning the rope to confidence, you need to seize the opportunity to learn as well. Many parents, due to lack of self-confidence, have allowed their children to miss significant opportunities to build the strength of character required for the future.

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