Do Martial Arts Classes Make Children Violent?

Violence in children is a polymorphic thing traceable to some causes, but the solution to a child’s aggressive attitude can be found in discipline, focus, and self-defense. These solutions are the ingredients of building a better martial arts skill that most children often find desirable to become better at it when exposed to it.

From the preceding, the question whether martial arts classes will make kids violent is misplaced because rather than make a child violent; it brings out the best in them. Martial arts students are known to be calm, gentle and friendly. The reason for such attitude is because a martial arts student is imbued with self-confidence and need not worry about whether someone will bully them or not.

The truth is that violent attitude is common among people who lack the essential attributes of a martial art student. Let’s look at these attributes to see why a martial art student will never get violent. Even if they were violent, the moment they become trained, the violence in them would disappear.

1. Self-discipline. Discipline is the strength everyone needs to lead a better life. Self-discipline helps to build a better career; it turns a childish person into an adult and makes couples in the home live together in harmony. Violent attitude is typical of people who lack discipline, and if you must be a martial art student, you need the discipline to succeed.

2. Anyone who is focused has no time for immature attitude, and violent is an immature attitude exhibited by people who lack focus in their life. To practice martial arts, the student needs to focus using their mind to concentrate on vital areas of the opponent’s weak points. Every movement you want to make must be calculated before you do. You can’t act irrationally like violent people do.

3. Self-defense. A martial arts student is like a soldier trained to fear no assailant and always battle ready for self-defense. But the striking difference between a violent person and a soldier is that a soldier understands the outcome of any aggressive act and is careful about aggression.

4. A martial art student understands the connection between friendly relation and success in life. Martial arts students know that he needs a training partner to improve his martial arts career and can only get such partner by building a good relationship with other people.

Inferiority complex is the tonic for violent behavior. Individuals who feel less about themselves will think less of other people. The first thing martial art students are taught in their training is to bow to an opponent as a show of respect to indicate the fight they are about to engage in is a friendly training and not an aggression between enemies.

A parent who wants the best out of their children will achieve that if they took the step to enroll their kid in a martial arts class to learn the rudiment of life from the core values of discipline, focus, and self-defense. You will become assured and confident about your child bright future knowing he or she is discipline, focus and possesses self-defense skills.


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