FAQ - Elite Leadership Martial Arts


Q: How many classes do we have to attend?

A: We recommend attending 2-3 times per week. To get the best out of all our ELMA Children’s Martial Arts Programs it’s best to attend once at the beginning of the week (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) and once near the end of the week (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday). Of course, our schedule is unrestricted, so you are welcome to attend up to 6 times per week!

Q: Do I have to commit to days or is the schedule flexible?

A: We know how it can be sometimes, especially if you work shifts. That’s why our schedule is completely flexible, show up to the classes you can! You don’t even have to tell us which classes you plan on attending. We do monitor attendance and if we notice any issues we will check in with you.

Q: What style of Karate do you teach?

A: Our programs have a base in Wado Kai Karate with a blend of modern Martial Arts. We like to teach what works best for our students to allow them to gain the confidence needed.

Q: Will Martial Arts make my child Violent?

A: You won’t believe how many times we get asked this! The answer is no. Martial Arts teaches children to have Self-Control, Self Discipline and how to defend themselves only when necessary. Children are taught to use Martial Arts as a tool for their own personal development and not to be used for anything violent.

Q: Will my child get hurt?

A: While we can’t guarantee that your child won’t get hurt, we can assure you that Martial Arts is a safe activity and it’s very rare to see a child with an injury caused from practicing Martial Arts. Our team monitors classes closely to ensure that everyone is following directions to ensure the upmost level of safety