Limit Your Use of This Powerful Word

Do you remember a time in your life that you had something difficult to accomplish?  Did you want to give up part way through or did you find a way to make it?  Quite often in our Martial Arts Academy we hear a word from new students when they are learning something new.  What they don’t realize is the power this word has over them and why it isn’t good from them. This common word is also used daily by most adults.

The word is can’t.  Can’t is a powerful word that does the exact opposite of what you would like it to do.  It limits your success.  Now there are no words that you shouldn’t really use in your vocabulary, this is one that we should really move away from and limit it’s use.

Let’s look at this from a goal setting perspective.   We talk about having a long-term goal in our Martial Arts Academy, like earning a Black Belt.  When we come across something new that is difficult we have a tendency to say “I can’t do that.”  This now gives ourselves permission to give up on accomplishing that goal.  When something is difficult we use the question “How can I do it?”  This gives our brain the chance to come up with several options to assist us.  Asking for help, watching others, researching are just a few things that we suggest to our students.

The next time you feel like saying “I can’t” remember to replace it with “How can I?”

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