What can consistency do for me?

Being consistent is something that can be tricky when you are first starting out along the journey and will the persistence to stick with it will pay off in the end!

This week in class we talked about what it means to be consistent.  Being consistent means making efforts to do things the same way over and over.

In class when we look at our techniques in order to get the same results we would have to learn how to throw our techniques the same way.  For example if I were to throw a side kick I would want to make sure that my foot positioning was always the same, my chambers, the kick and my re-chambers in order to get the same results from my side kick.

When attending classes it’s important to be consistent in your training.  If you were to train one time this week and then miss two weeks, train one time, miss 4 weeks, train 3 times, miss 3 weeks you would not get very good results.  We only get good results when we make our schedules consistent every week.  This reinforces the things we learn on a regular basis and thus improves our abilities.

We can even have consistency in our lives.  Take for example our morning routines, do you have one that you repeat or does it change daily?  By creating a consistent morning routine we lower the need for our brains to make decisions.  This can help us as our brains only have so much energy to pour into the decision making process and when it runs low we start to feel worn out.  By creating a morning routine where you do the exact same things in the exact same order in the morning we eliminate the need to make decisions.  More on this can be read at  https://www.ft.com/content/3d07fcea-b37b-11e4-9449-00144feab7de

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